The future projects will be decided by the Montpellier Ecotron scientific committee following the open call for projects (see “Project submission” section). Projects that already received external funding through a peer-review process by a national or international research funding body will be prioritized.

MACROCOSMS (one project submitted)

  • VASTE-GES – Variabilités temporelles des émissions de GES:Analyse et modélisation mécaniste au travers des interactions entre biota, pratiques agricoles et climat en prairies et grandes cultures (pre-projet submitted to the ADEME REACTIFF call, 2015).

MESOCOSMS (two projects submitted)

  • REDROUGHT - Drought recurrence in trees: physiological responses and transgenerational effects. The project was submitted by Alexandru Milcu (CEFE-CNRS, France) and Arthur Gessler (WLS, Switzerland) to the ANR International call, 2015).
  • SOILforEurope - Predicting European forest soil biodiversity and its functioning under ongoing climate change. The project was submitted by Stephan Hättenschwiler to the BIODIVERSA 2015 call.

MICROCOSMS (several projects are accepted, with starting dates depending on the availabiliy)

  • Csink - Embankments as a carbon sink: a study on carbon sequestration strategies in organic and mineral soils. Project submitted by Alexia Stokes (INRA).
  • The SOILforEurope project also includes a microcosm experiment focusing on the importance of microbial diversity for the resilience and resistance of soil functioning to drought events.
  • Mechanistic bases for the Trade-Off between Photosynthesis and Stress Tolerance: filling gaps for Evolutionary biology and Plant biotechnology (TOPSTEP), in preparation.