The construction and functinoning of the Ecotron is currently supported by the following programmes/ institutions:

Languedoc-Roussillon Region

Through 2 successive Contrats de Plan Etat-Région (CPER 2000-2006 and 2007-2013), the LR region co-funded with CNRS (50/50) the main building of the Ecotron, including the Macrocosms platform. The LR region also manages the European Regional Development Fund (see below).


The French government decided to invest in various activity sectors to promote competitiveness and growth. A project for developing experimental ecosystem research infrastructure (AnaEE-Service) has been accepted in this Investissements d’Avenir program. The AnaEE-Services project covers 11 research entities across France (mainly from CNRS and INRA) which encompass 25 experimental sites and analytical or modeling platforms. It is funded for 10 years through the governmental Investissements d’Avenir Infrastructures program. This project was inaugurated on the 14 of February 2013. J.-F. Le Galliard and J. Roy coordinate the node Ecotrons. For more information: In Montpellier, this project is co-funding the building of the Mesocosms platform.

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

The building of the Mesocosms platform has been selected in the FEDER Compétitivité régionale et Emploi program 2007-2013 which funds 66% of this platform.

The Very Large Infrastructure Committee (TGIR) of CNRS

CNRS, through its TGIR committee, manages highly performant instruments in a high international scientific environment (telescopes, physics accelerators, the Large Hadron Collider, aircraft services, …). This committee is funding on an annual basis the building, maintenance, and partly the functioning of these large instruments, most of them being on the roadmap of the National Strategy for Research Infrastructures. This committee is providing most of the annual budgets of the Ecotrons facility (Montpellier + IleDeFrance).


AnaEE (Analysis and Experimentation for Ecosystems) is a European program aiming at building a distributed experimental infrastructure to study and predict the functioning of ecosystems under changing environments. This program is in a preparatory phase (2012-2016) of the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) program. For more information: This program does not and will not fund directly the individual national infrastructures, but will provide services primarily through a central Hub and supra-national centers for Technology, Data&Modeling, and Interface&Synthesis.