Montpellier Ecotron Equipments

 We are constantly upgrading and improving the ancillary equipment that is available for the experiments in the Ecotron. The following equipment is currently available:

Gas flux measurements

  • CO2 including 13C: LiCor 7000, Picarro G2301, Vaisala GMT222 and GMP343
  • CH4: Picarro G2301
  • Picarro L2140-i Analyzer for simultaneous measurement of δ18O, δ17O, δD and 17O-excess in liquids and vapor
  • Aerodyne Research nitrous oxide analyser which reports the isotopic ratios of 15N14NO, 14N15NO and NN18O
  • Large balances/ scales equiped with shear beam load cells (CMI-C3, Precia-Molen, France) to measure ecosystem evapotranspiration of large lysimeters (up to 15 tonnes)

Environmental sensors

  • Light: Quantum sensors, Spectrometer (Jaz Ocean Optics), SunScan with Sunshine sensor (BF5; Delta-T Devices), line quantum sensor (LiCor)
  • Temperature, RH: PT100, RH and T probes (Michell)
  • Soil moisture and T°C: TDR sensors (Pico 32 Trime)
  • Wind: Hot wire anemometer (Ahlborn)
  • Data acquisition: Data loggers (Campbell CR211)

Vegetation characteristics

  • Leaf gas exchange & chlorophyll fluorescence: Portable gas exchange system with leaf and soil chambers and fluorescence system (LiCor 6400)
  • Water potential: Pressure chambers (x 2) ( PMS Instrument)
  • Stomatal conductance: Porometer (SC1 Decagon)
  • Leaf area: Bench belt leaf area meter (LI3100-C LiCor)