The LIAISON web platform is an interface between the researchers running experiments in the Ecotron. They are most of the time dispersed across several countries and email exchanges do not allow to keep track of an evolving body of thoughts, decisions and practical information. It is also an essential interface between these researchers and the Ecotron team.

  • It is an interface before the experiment to design it, to put together the research consortia and to adequately match the desiderata of the researchers with the technical capacities of the experimental platforms.
  • It is an interface during the experiment. The documented pages of the portal will be the shared lab notebook of the experiment. It will also allow to organize and record any change or addition to the experiment. It will allow to view (in a simple way for the time being) on line the data and to retrieve them as Excel sheets.
  • It is an interface after the experiment to retrieve the final data, to store new (calculated) data and data coming from samples collected in the experiment by analyzed in other laboratories. Tools to help analyzing and visualizing the data are under development.