While the permanent staff contributes to the setting-up of the experiments, often the presence of visiting researchers, post-docs or PhD students is needed to run an experiment. 

Previous visiting researchers include (an approximatively similar number of students/post-docs from these various countries also came):

France: J.-F. Soussana, C. Picon-Cochard, M.-L. Benot, N. Fromin, F. Volaire, J. Nahmani, S. Hättenschwiler, J.-F. David, J. Ghashghaie, E. Hedri, O. Taugourdeau, G. Cavalli, S. Fellous, A. Alexandre, C. Sonzogni, C. Vallet-Coulomb, M. Couapel, I. Bertrand.

Germany: Ch. Roscher, A. Gessler, G. Gleixner, A. Hildebrandt, Z. Kayler, M. Kazda.

Spain: J. Pedro Ferrio, J. G Alday, S. Garcia-Munoz, J. Voltas, J. I. García Plazaola; B. Fernandez Marin.

Italy: A. Augusti, F. Rizza, F. Badeck, F. Giunta.

Switzerland: N. Buchmann, A. Mestrot.

Austria: M. Bahn.

Australia: V. Resco de Dios.